Our staff has experience in the Computer Science industry and will supply you with industry solutions from multiple angles. We can provide you with solutions that will solve your issues without breaking the bank. We can help you with simple jobs like pesky computer issues or even complex algorithms. Our staff has industry experience and degrees in Computer Science and will be able to solve most of your technical issues.

Small computer services include:

  • All types of computer set up
  • Computer Clean Up
  • Malware removal
  • Software installation and expertise
  • Monitor setup
  • Microsoft Office Suite and similar software
  • General advice and expertise (Ask us a simple question we might just give and answer over the phone)

Software Solution services include:

  • General Consulting and expertise (Mostly in person)
  • API engineering or integration
  • Small custom websites
  • Computer automation
  • Database setup and integration
  • Simple and small GUI
  • Cloud computing or developing
  • Small or larger custom algorithms
  • Small Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning integration
  • With software possibilities are endless give us a problem and we will do our best to crack it

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